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Hello all, My name is Nighat  an MSc psychology with a background of extensive experience in managing people with my core skills.

I can be your or your child Mental Health,  Education & Career Counselor or Therapist for virtual counseling sessions.

Getting into to people problems and willing to solve them was my passion which later turned into profession. I can talk more about myself but would love to hear about you.

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I may provide You opportunities to succeed

Here are the common routine problems we face in our daily life. Being a psychologist I helped 100s of families to make them realize that we can avoid these problems, in fact we can change them into opportunities, which is the ultimate happiness. 
Rejection can be a direction, lets think over it. Let me explain it to you in a virtual counseling session.


Is your life pretty simple? Or is it tricky? Sometimes it is known that easy is synonymous with dull, stagnant, or nothing …


At times a pursuit of employment can feel overpowering, particularly in the event that you need work immediately. It regularly feels like …


Mental Health

Mental health counseling, rehabilitation, lack of confidence and all personal problems


Marital life, secret to successful and happy family plans and growth.


Career growth counseling, discovering the right potential and key to success.


Counseling to enhance abilities to choose a right path and to gain the maximum.


Children behavior, obedience. creative learning, and superior quality counseling

Substance Abuse

Safeguards against social ills to avoid being a victim.

My Story

Begins, when I discovered the positivity everywhere in life

Studying personalities, events and life have remained my favorite since my early age.  Helping others always used to make me feel so peaceful that I have chosen to be a psychologist.

After completing my MSc, securing a gold medal, I further enhanced my expertise through internship, diploma and practicing. Now I am here to be your online psychologist

My Focus

Is to help You succeed

You might see the fear and I just make it clear to show you the real opportunities and goals to set in your online counseling.

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